Important Services of AWS

AWS Career Opportunities

It entirely depends on your background

  1. AWS Career Opportunities held If you are an IT Infrastructure guy (Networking. Datacenter technologies or Virtualization Admin). Cloud is your logical nest step. AWS being the leader, that’ll be your default choice (Azure or Openstack being other choices)
  2. AWS Certified Solition Architect (Associate) is your starting point gives you better path in AWS Career Opportunities.
  3. If your background is different, it’s better to first find out what is the align to support your qualification. Experience and then choose the track (even within AWS). A personal dialogue with an IT professional would help you in this matter.
  4. AWS is definitely not the first step for a Novice.

AWS Requirement

It is very wide topic, and depending on your speciality there are very opportunities. Also as cloud and AWS is hottest topic trending now and the demand for these is very high, one can now easily get job. Growth, Pay scale is also good.

AWS Enterprises

Larger enterprises that need specific cloud-based skills has usually committed to solutions from specific service providers like AWS. Enterprises of this nature have a variety of skills, that get updated from time to time. The end of 2015 saw a move towards Container and Docker technology, which amplified the demand for skills around container-based portable application building. Docker container technology is widely adopted in many enterprises, making it a highly sought-after skill, in addition to container-clustering technologies.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery is another lucrative part of cloud computing adoption by many enterprises. This is because cloud backup is not only cheaper, it also gives higher availability with ease, which makes it a chosen solution for global enterprises.

Cloud architects are also in demand since they define a business’s cloud requirements. Encompassing everything from requirement mapping to the actual deployment, cloud architect job openings are available with companies that haven’t yet implemented cloud solutions, or wish to change service providers.

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