AWS Certification In Bangalore

AWS Certification In Bangalore

AWS certification In Bangalore or AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and its a cloud base services to hostIT systems, Infra etc. AWS service is offered by Amazon.

Amazon has AWS certification In Bangalore programs at various level such as Specialty, Professionals and Associates. The below are the available certifications by AWS :


  1. Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  2. Its Certified Developer Associate
  3. Certified Sysops Administrator Associate


  1. Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  2. Deveops Professional


  1. Security
  2. Advanced Networking
  3. BiG Data

AWS certification is a process of obtaining certificates that serve to prove that candidates possess the skills required to design moreover build and maintain solutions based on AWS.

There are several tiers of certification as well as varying in level of detail and how much of hands-on development they cover, but the end goals are the same – demonstrating knowledge and proficiency in AWS.

Use of AWS Certification

  1. The associate level certification of AWS stand as a proof of theoretical knowledge. This does not imply you have hands on knowledge on all AWS services.
  2. Professional Level certifications – In order to be AWS certified Professional, one has to answer questions which require practical hands on knowledge on AWS. Companies are looking for professional certified.

3. Speciality Certifications although These are speciality certifications in the area of BigData, security and Networking.

The speciality certification expects deeper knowledge about subject(bigdata/netwroking/security) in order to answer the questions in certification exam. This certification is useful if you want to acquire knowledge on all bigdata components of AWs such as MNcs.

More than the certifications one has to have hands on knowledge on AWS. The AWS landscape keeps changing services every 6 months hence the certifications gets outdated very quickly .

AWS(Amazon Web Services) are the cloud services provided by Amazon although AWS is the market leader in cloud computing. Before doing a certification we must understand the real value of certification. Almost everyone in the IT industry talks about the cloud. Many organizations t have partly or completely moved into the cloud. Scalability, easy to access, cost-saving, availability are the features to adopt cloud

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