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AWS Certification

AWS Certification is a very vast topic hence there are various career opportunities it depends on your background as well as what we can say is that all of these fields have decent pay,

also the higher level of certification you have the higher your pay goes although here’s a video to help you with different kinds of AWS certifications.

Now, let me assume that you are a beginner.

As a beginner, there are two certifications that are most sought after so I will address them both one by one, based on their curriculum you can guess the type of work you’ll be involving with :

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the entry-level certification for AWS so It has designed to validate the overall understanding of AWS Cloud and Cloud Computing in general.

Exam details:

  • Prerequisites for this exam: Six months of general AWS Cloud experience has recommended
  • Registration Cost: US$100

Curriculum of the exam:

  • Basic knowledge of the AWS architecture
  • The value that AWS brings to organizations
  • Important AWS services and their uses
  • AWS security model and compliance
  • Its deployment and operations

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This AWS certification has designed for candidates who have some experience in building and deploying applications in the AWS Cloud so earn this certification moreover candidates will be expect to demonstrate their ability to design, manage, and deploy applications.

Exam details:

  • Prerequisites for this exam such as It’s recommended for the candidate to have at least one-year experience in deploying so distributed systems using AWS Cloud Services.
  • Registration Cost: US$150

Curriculum of the exam:

  • Understanding of network technologies and how they work in AWS
  • Understanding of how AWS-based applications work and how client interfaces connect to the AWS platform
  • Building secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform
  • Deploying hybrid system such as those with an on-premises data center and AWS components
  • Designing highly available and scalable systems (requires familiarity with AWS infrastructure and concepts). Implementation and deployment in AWS, AWS-related data security practices, disaster recovery techniques, and troubleshooting

AWS Solution Architect

According to Forbes, AWS Certified Solution Architect as well as Associate is the number 1 certification program of 2016. In its global survey of top 15 certifications in 2016, Solutions Architect, with a median salary of $125,871, is the highest paying certification. Additionally, all of AWS’ certifications will help you earn salaries in excess of $100,000.

Specific Solution Architect skills that recruiters look for include designing on AWS such as selecting the appropriate AWS services for your business, ingress and egress of data to and from the AWS, estimating AWS costs and identifying cost-control measures for your organization.

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