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Selenium Automation

Selenium Testing is an open source automated testing suite for web applications across different platforms. It is same as HP Quick Test Pro (QTP or UFT) only that Selenium focuses on automating web-based applications. Software testing is where it all boils down to. In Today’s era technology is completely leaded by machines and their behavior is ruled by the software powering it.

Course Content

Manual Testing & Introduction of Selenium          

            Define Testing and know the different types of Testing

            Manual Testing-Terminologies

            Describe Manual Testing

            Describe Automation Testing: Test Automation, ROI in automation & Framework

            Define Selenium

            Evolution of Selenium

            Components of Selenium Suite: Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver & Selenium GRID

            Webdriver Vs Selenium RC

            A brief explanation about the advantages of webdriver

Java & OOPS Concept

            Classes, objects in Java

            Strings in Java

            Strings practise exercises

            Inheritance Concepts

            Practical usage of Inheritance

            Interface Concepts

            Practical Usage of Interface

            Runtime Polymorphisim

            Introduction to Arrays

            Single dimensional and Multidimensional arrays usage

            Examples of Arrays

            Array interview questions

            Programming example

            Reverse string -Interview question

            Date class concepts

            working with calendar objects in java

            How constructor play a crucial role

            Types of constructors and their usage

            Constructor code download

            What is super keyword ?

            super keyword practical usage

            importance of this keyword

            Final keyword in Java

            Packages and their usage in OOPS

            Types of packages and how they will help in real time

            Importance of access modifiers

            Difference between public and private modifers-With Examples

            Different kind of exceptions

            Try catch Mechanism to handle exceptions

            Importance of finally block in java

            Java Programs-Interview Based

            Throw, Throws, Finally, Finalize


            What are Java collections

            Implementation of Arrays List

            Examples of Array List

            Implementation of Set interface

            Examples of Hash Set using Iterator

            Implementation of Map interface

            Code explaining hashset and hashmap

            Difference between HashMap and HashTable (Interview )

            Practise Exercise : Priniting unique number- Amazon interview ques

            OOPS Interview questions

            Java interview questions


            Selenium WebDriver Architecture

            Explanation of step by step instructions for setup-Selenium and Eclipse/Intellij

            Usage of gecko, IE, chrome browser drivers

            Navigating to Web Applications

            Introduction to Web Elements

            Operations on Web Elements

            Fire Bug Tool and Fire Path Tool

            Browser Driver Commands/ Methods/ Functions: Get, Navigate and  Find element 

            Difference Between FindElement & FindElements

            Understand the difference between Driver Close and Driver Quit

            Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome

            Locators: ID, Name, Class, Tag Name, Link Text,  Partial Link Text, CssSelector, XPath

            Handling complex & Dynamic Web-elements in Selenium using XPath Functions:   Contains      (), Start-with (), Following Axes, Following Sibling Axes, Preceding Axes and Preceding Sibling Axes

            Selenium Functions

            What is Waits in Selenium?

            Types of Waits: Explicit Wait, Fluent wait, Implicit Wait, PageLoadTimeout and          setScriptTimeout

            Methods in WebDriver Interface

            IFrames using WebDriver commands: By Index, By Name or ID and By Web Element

            Alerts in WebDriver: Simple Alert, Confirmation Alert, Prompt Alert

            Modal Dialog boxes

Testing Dropdown: SelectByVisibleText, SelectByIndex, SelectByValue

            Methods in Window handling: GetWindowHandleCommand, GetWindowHandlesCommand, SwitchToWindowCommand

            Switch between Windows

            Explain how to test whether all links are working on Webpage or not

            Sending Email report using Selenium WebDriver and Eclipse

            Handle Keyboard Events

AutoIT & TestNG  

            The need for AutoIT tool

            Basics of AutoIT tool and create a simple script

            Converting AU3 file to exe file

            Calling AutoIT script from selenium project

            Introduction to TestNG

            Advantages of TestNG

            Installing TestNG on Eclipse

            Rules to write TestNG

            TestNG Features



            Sequencing: Prioritization and Dependency

            Enable/Disable a test case

            Parameterization: Using Xml file and DataProvider

            Parallel Testing & Cross Browser Testing

            TestNG Report: HTML Report, Console Report, XML Report


            Hard Assert and Soft Assert

            Introduction of Selenium Grid

            Installation and setup of Hub and node

            Script changes for Selenium grid execution

            Simple script execution using grid

            Parallel execution using grid


            Headless Browser Testing using Html Unit Driver

            Headless Browser Testing using Phanthom JSDriver

            Headless-Chrome Options

            Cucumber Framework Design Plan

            Template in writing Business requirements

            QA role in BDD

            Template in writing test cases for Business Scenarios

            Advantages of BDD, Why it is getting popular

            BDD documentation download

            Cucumber project template

            Understanding cucumber dependencies

            Understanding Cucumber Framework terminologies

            Mapping step definition to feature file

            Running tests with Test Runner

            Importance of Regular expressions in feature files

            Reusing functions with variable Data

            Adding cucumber knowledge to Existing framework

            Create Selenium Feature files with Step definition Implementation

            Add page objects and handle dynamic popup in home page

            Para metering Selenium tests with Cucumber

            Integrate Cucumber with TestNG and Maven

Database & Excel Driven Testing       

            Steps to connect Database to Selenium Testcases

            Mysql download instructions

            MySQL server connection procedure

            Creating Database in mysql server

            Creating Tables in Databases

            Inserting records into table

            Integration of Database with JDBC API

            Steps to connect Database

            what is Apace POI API & Download Instructions

            Strategy to Access Excel Data

            Getting rows and its cells from Sheet

            Retrieving Data from Excel based on condition

            Practise Exercise- Excel Driven testing

            Properties File

            Handling Auto suggestive dropdown options

            Importance of Javascript Executor

            Handling HTTPS certifications

            SSL certifications code

            Maximizing window and deleting cookies

            How to take Screenshots in Selenium

            Table columns Sorting Strategy plan

            Sorting String columns in asc order using Array List

            Descending order validation strategy using Collections framework

            Handling Ajax/Mouse Interactions

            Synchronization usage in Selenium webdriver

Automation Framework

            Need for Page Object Modelling

            Page Classes

            Concept of Page Factory

            What is an Automation Framework?

            Properties of Automation Framework

            Types of Automation Framework : Data Driven Test Framework, Keyword Driven Test                Framework, Hybrid Test Framework

            Which Framework to choose and when?

            Introduction to Data Driven Testing using Apache POI

            Read/Write data from/to Excel sheet

Selenium Integration With Docker

            Docker Basics

            Docker Commands

            Docker Compose

            Disposable Selenium Grid Infrastructure Using Docker

            Running Our Tests Inside Docker Container

            Introduction to Docker and its Advantages–Resume

API Automation

            Converting JDBC Results into Java object with POJO classes

            Jackson API to convert Java objects into Json file formats

            Postman-How to use?

            REST API Basics and Terminology

            Getting started with REST API Testing

            Rest Assured setup for API Automation


            Creating JsonServer with nodeJS



            Searching Algorithms

            Sorting Algorithms

            Big O notations and complexity With graphs

Selenium Integration With GIT

            Introduction to GIT

            Importance of Github and its uses

            Creating Git config and repositories

            How to push code to remote repository

            Understanding Staging and commit in git

            Add remote repository and push the committed code

            End to end working example on Git commands -1

            End to end working example on Git commands -2

            Importance of Branching in GIT

            How to resolve Merge conflicts with GIT



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