DevOps Training In Bangalore

Devops experts as one of the best Devops training in Bangalore consists of 13 Tools training which is completely Hands on and provided at our working environment.10 AWS services is also included in the training module

We are one of the best Devops Training institute in Bangalore with 100 percent placement assistance for right candidate.

Being one of the best devops training institute in bangalore, We have placed more than 100 students and have trained more than 500 students on Devops.

Please go through the course content as mentioned below

Introduction to Devops

• Define Devops
• What is Devops
• SDLC models, Lean, Agile
• Why Devops?
• History of Devops
• Devops Stakeholders
• Devops Goals
• Important terminology
• Devops perspective
• Devops and Agile
• Devops Tools
• Configuration management
• Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery

GIT: Version Control

• Introduction
o Version control systems
• Installing Git
o Installing on Linux
o Installing on Windows
o Initial setup

 Git Essentials

o Creating repository

o Cloning, check-in and committing
o Branching
o Tag
o Connect with Remote by using push and pull
o Git Webhook and Git Fork
o Connect with GitHub and AWS Code Commit


• Introduction to Chef:
• What is chef
• Difference between Chef open source and enterprise
• Chef Architecture
• Chef components
• Chef server
• Chef work station
• Chef client
• Installation of chef components on different machines
• Configuration of chef server, work station and development kit
• What is boot strap method
• How to add clients to chef server
• What is cook book and recipe
• How to write cookbooks, recipes
• How to search clients on command line from server
• Knife command utility
• Chef-serve-ctl utility
• Chef-client utility
• How to run cookbooks on clients
• How to download cookbooks and apply on clients
• How to write our own cookbooks
• Source files
• Roles in chef
• Chef node automation

Jenkins – CI & CD

• Introduction to Jenkins
• Install Java
• Install Jenkins
• Jenkins Architecture and Terms of Jenkins
• Overview Jenkins UI
• Create first job
• Run First job
• Install Git and Jenkins Github Plugin
• Install Maven on Local Box
• Configure Jenkins to work with Java, Git and Maven
• Create first Maven based Jenkins project
• Run Maven based Jenkins project
• Source Control Polling in Jenkins
• Other Build Triggers of Jenkins
• Code Quality and Code Coverage Metrics Report
• Archive Build Artifacts
• Install Tomcat as the staging environment
• Configure Tomcat as the staging environment
• Deploy to Staging environment
• The latest Deploy to Container Plugin
• Jenkins Build Pipeline
• Parallel Jenkins Build
• Deploy to Production
• Overview of Pipeline as a code
• Automate Jenkins Pipeline
• Fully automate Jenkins Pipeline
• Introduction to Distributed Jenkins Build
• Install Jenkins Master Node in the Cloud
• Install Jenkins Slave Agent in the Cloud
• Concurrent Jenkins Build and Label Jenkins Build


• Introduction to Ansible
• Ansible Agentless Architecture
• Installation
• Ansible Inventories
• Ansible Modules
• Ansible Playbooks

Docker– Containers
• Introduction
o What is a Docker
o Use case of Docker
o Platforms for Docker
o Dockers vs Virtualization
• Architecture
o Docker Architecture.
o Important Docker components
o Understanding the Docker components
• Installation
o Installing Docker on Linux
o Understanding Installation
o Some Docker commands.
• Provisioning
o Docker Hub.
o Downloading Docker images.
o Running Docker images
o Running commands in container.
o Running multiple containers.
• Custom images
o Creating a custom image.
o Running a container from the custom image.
o Publishing the custom image.
• Docker Swarm
o How to setup Docker Swarm
o Swarm for standalone and Node
o Docker Swarm Init, token, and node
o Swarm Service Management with Scale up and Scale Down

• Introduction to container orchestration
• Overview of Kubernetes
• Deploying Kubernetes
• Minikube setup
• Minikube setup commands
• Your first Kubernetes application
• Your first Kubernetes application commands
• Basic Kubectl
• Basic Kubectl commands

• Introduction to SonarQube
• Installation on SonarQube and Sonar Scanner
• Sonar Scanner Configurations
• Run Java Program
• Working with SonarQube Dashboard

• Introduction to Maven
• Introduction to Build Life Cycle
• Install Maven and Eclipse
• Build and run template with Command Line
• Build and run template with Eclipse

During this course, you can learn the following AWS services
• EC2
• VPC and Security Group
• AWS Elastic IP

As we provide one of the best Devops training in Bangalore, we have trained professionals and Freshers with different academics.

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