Important Services of AWS

Important Services Of AWS

Important services of AWS which would be helpful for you if you consider Infrastructure as a Service. In Associate level point of view you can learn below services :

  • Ec2 – This service is from Compute Section where you can get to launch an Instance. With the configuration you need and connect to it.
  • S3 – This is from the Storage section which is a very powerful and highly scalable Object Storage service.
  • RDS – This service is from database section where you can launch any Database associated instance of required capacity. You can also get to select the version of database you need. For example, If you can launch a Mysql instance with x GiB and mysql version 5.6.3. With an option of Multi-AZ
  • VPC – This is to create a virtual private cloud with n number of public and private subnets under it
  • IAM – With this service you can create roles. It users and restrict them to few resources they can use from the root aws account. From the AWS description, “ This helps you securely control access to AWS resources for your users. You use IAM to control who can use your AWS resources (authentication) and what resources they can use and in what ways (authorization).

There are many other services like Route 53 which is for DNS, Elastic Beanstalk for automated deployments, CloudFront for Content Delivery Network, CloudWatch which provides metrics by monitoring the services.

Some Of Importance Of AWS

Some of the importance of AWS are :

· Great Availability of Resource: Aws provides us the feature of cloud computing in which can easily access the cloud memory and services to use as per requirement. Basically use can configure the system as per their requirement and not paying extra resource for unused features.

· On-demand self-services: In AWS we can configure everything as per requirement and every feature are available to us if we are willing to pay some price for it. So user can configure their own system according to their need excluding all the unnecessary features.

· Easy Maintenance:Maintaining cloud computing system are very easy because the user only need to configure system as per their requirement and the maintenance part is handle by cloud provider. So there is no need of maintaining system from user end.

· Large Network Access: Cloud computing provides us the feature to access large network through our system. Using this feature we can access to cloud feature in large network space and can perform various task through this network access.

· Availability: AWS have very high availability i.e. we can easily gain access to our cloud system without any halt time. It is possible because AWS have capacity to handle huge amount of cloud memory which makes it easily available to everyone.

· Security: It is built on the same reliable, secure technology platform used to power global web properties for over a decade. So in simple words we can say that it is very much secure. So user can rely on this cloud storage or system.487 views.

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